Douglas Freeman’s Peacock will spread his wings at Roanoke

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Harrison Peacock

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Douglas Freeman’s lacrosse offense has been solid this year, led by attacker Harrison Peacock.

The 5-8 145-pounds attacker had come up with some nice goals over the course of his high school career and has helped keep his team competitive on many different occasions.

Peacock has received a good amount of collegiate attention, but decided he wants to continue his academic and playing career at Roanoke. The attacker could see a move to midfield when he makes the move to Roanoke.

“I choose Roanoke because the school’s atmosphere was everything I was looking for,” explained Peacock, “It is a small school and offers all of the classes I want to take. The lacrosse side of the decision was made by seeing how great the team was and how they interact with each other.

“On my official visit, one of the guys told me why he chooses Roanoke. He said ‘Being on the team is something you do not want to miss out on.’ The people on the team are hilarious and are all great lacrosse players. The atmosphere at the home games is unmatched; there is no football team on campus so lacrosse is the main sport and all the students come out to support.

“Also, my dad went to Roanoke so it helped the decision. Roanoke fit all of my needs’ my major, in-state, small school, and a great team.”