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Patrick Henry junior Kaleb Smith, fresh off of offer No. 1 from Virginia, wasted little time in getting offer No. 2.
This one is packed with a little more history, tradition and emotion from the entire Smith family.
The 6-3, 195-pounder announced on April 5 he received an offer from Richmond – the same place his father, James Smith, and cousin Kerry Wynn (New York Giants) both played.
Not to mention, his mother, Kim (Kowalski) Smith, played basketball at the Robins Center too.
 “My father and cousin played football at Richmond and my mother played basketball there,” Smith explained. “So, I’m very familiar and comfortable with Richmond. I’ve been to multiple baseball, basketball and football games at Richmond, as well.”
Smith, who is smack dab in the middle of the baseball season for the Patriots, also received an offer from Virginia, his first, earlier in the week.
“This offer was important for a number of reasons,” Smith said. “Yes, it’s my first offer, which makes it special. It’s also pretty special coming from an ACC school. I was really impressed with the sincerity of the coaches. I know that this offer could lead to more interest and potentially other offers. It also gives me more incentive to work harder and push to get even bigger, stronger and faster.”
Kaleb Smith
Smith who captured Patrick Henry coach Bryan Davis’ attention as freshman and has worked furiously to get better.
“He will probably play safety or outside linebacker because of his size and range,” Davis said. “Plus he has good size.”
But Davis said Smith is the total package and that is what attracts a quality program like Virginia and certainly more will follow.
“He has the pedigree,” Davis added. “His cousin [Kerry Wynn] plays for the New York Giants. He is a good kid and comes from a good family.
“Then, there is his size, which at 6-3, 195-pounds is an asset. He runs well and is well spoken. The key in today’s recruiting world is coaches want to get players to their school to check see if what they see on film translate on the field. So they check out 40 time, vertical and strength.”
Smith piqued recent interest following this past weekend’s effort at the NUC Combine in Richmond has people talking. Smith posted a 4.5 40-yard dash time but impressed all with his 41.5 vertical leap.
This past season, his first playing on both sides of the ball, Smith had 66 tackles, three tackles for a loss, three pass break-ups, two forced fumbles and an interception on defense. As a wide reciever, he had 15 receptions and six touchdowns.
“He got a lot better over this past season,” Davis said. “This was his first year in the offense. But over the years he has become more precise in covering and tackling one defense. On offense, if we had developed drop-back passing attack, we would have used him more, but he was still effective for us.”
As much as football has been moved to the front-burner for the Smith family, the junior still has baseball season to deal with where the Patriots are currently 4-1.
“This is baseball season so I will continue to give 100 percent in practice and games,” Smith added. “All of my visits will have to work around my baseball schedule.”
According to the two-sport athlete, he is currently work on his late spring and summer plans.
“My focus this offseason was to participate in some local camps so that I could establish some quality numbers and compete against other talented athletes in the area. I had a pretty good showing in two local camps already. The next camp that I plan on attending is the Rivals Camp in May.”
Besides all this, Smith will join classmates Hunter Hart and Terrance Oxendine, who by the way both play baseball too, to form a formidable skilled-player trio returning to play football at Patrick Henry.
“Going 8-4 only adds confidence our ability, as a program, to be successful,” Smith stated. “We are all looking forward to next season.”
Davis said it show because 25-30 players have consistently showed up for afternoon weight-lifting training.

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