Meadowbrook’s Rosales commits to play women’s soccer at R-MC

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It was a special day for Meadowbrook girls soccer this past wednesday, as Adriana Rosales announced her intent to play at Randolph-Macon College.
Rosales has been a key component for Monarchs this year, scoring nine goals and adding four assists as a center midfielder. However, if you told Rosales shed be leading the Meadowbrook girls soccer team in the heart of the field two years ago, she’d probably give you a funny look.
Believe it or not Rosales has only been playing soccer for about two years. Coach Joe Farrell didn’t even find out himself until this year, Rosales had never played soccer before joining his team. Farrell pretty much just assumed she had played before, as she became a starter fairly quickly after joining the team.
Adriana Rosales
“It’s crazy right, I’d never thought about playing soccer before,” said Rosales. “Now that i’m playing for college, I go back two years ago and if I told myself I was going to play soccer I would laugh i think.”
Rosales did not even move to the United States until 2014. The change and experience was a difficult one for her, but soccer served as a distraction and a way to get her mind off things. Joining the soccer team was a great way for her to make new friends and get involved but also ease her through a tough transition in life.
Not just that, Rosales remarkable story stretches beyond the soccer field. After being in the ESL program at Meadowbrook, Rosales will graduate ranked seventh in her senior class.
“I’m very proud of her not only as a player but as a student,” said coach Farrell. “She’s just an awesome person that’s going to do great things in the future.”
Rosales success should also help in building the Meadowbrook girls program as whole. Hopefully in the seasons to come, they can mirror the success of the boys team.
“In just two years to be able to have someone come along who has even the potential to play at the college level I think as Adriana said  it only helps our program and where we’re going from here.” explained coach Farrell.
Rosales will be joining a program at Randolph-Macon that finished with a  7-8-3 last season in the ODAC under coach Jay Howell.
Rosales is very proud to be one of the first girls soccer players to go on to play at the collegiate level from Meadowbrook in quite some time. With a tireless work ethic and positive attitude, triumph is sure to follow her in college.
“It was crazy when my coach (Farrell) told me that I had the skills to play in college,” she said. “Years ago I couldn’t imagine myself playing soccer and now I don’t imagine myself without it.”