Monacan quarterback, with offers from VSU, UVa-Wise, expects a Fludd more

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In order to have to potent offense, you need the right guy under center. For Monacan, that guy was quarterback Syour Fludd.
Fludd took the reigns of Monacan offense towards the end of his sophomore season and never looked back. This season, his junior year, he had 3,077 total yards, 32 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions. He ended the year with a QB Rating of 164.3 and received first team All-Conference, first team All-Region, and second team All-State honors.
Syour Fludd
“He’s a top-notch guy,” said Coach Jim Henderson. “I’ve never been around someone who has more fun on a day-to-day basis. He gives back and he’s really fun to be around. I talked to the varsity basketball coach and he told me that even though he didn’t really play, he was the first off the bench to give people high fives and celebrate with his teammates; he’s a real top notch guy.”
His play on the field, as well as his personality and work ethic, earned him an offer from UVA-Wise. Recently, Fludd also received another offer from Virginia State University.
“I understand how hard it is to be offered to play at the next level and I’m humbled by the fact that these particular school’s noticed my talent and wanted to invest in my potential,” said Fludd. “I plan to take full advantage of the opportunity because I realize it isn’t afforded to everyone.”
Virginia State definitely took notice of the arm on Fludd, as he aired it out deep all season long with great success. Anyone who has seen him play knows he has what it takes to compete at the next level.
“He has a real strong arm,” explained Henderson. “He throws well on the move. He can run enough to be a dual threat, but he doesn’t have to be. He’s a heck of a competitor, he even played some defense for us last year. He works his butt off and tries to get everyone involved. I like the way he threw the deep ball, which was a big reason we threw it deep a lot. He has a great touchdown-to-interception ratio, as he doesn’t make a lot of mistakes and makes good decisions with the ball.”
The 6-1, 186-pound quarterback cited his family as motivation and a huge reason for his early success.
“My family motivated me to be the best that I can be on the field and in the classroom,” explained Fludd. “I thank them for all the sacrifices they make for me.”
Virginia State was Fludd’s second offer, but if he keeps up his high level of play, it won’t be his last. Fludd’s got the work ethic and skills to compete at the next level, and he will have plenty of offers to choose from when it’s all said and done.