Hermitage linebacker Mateo Jackson has built himself quite the resume when it comes to reeling in college offers.
Recently, Jackson picked up offers from Liberty University and Villanova. He followed that up with his 14th offer from James Madison.

Hermitage coach Patrick Kane, who is gearing up for next season, is happy for his rising senior linebacker, Mateo Jackson.

“He’s an excellent student and leader. He has all the intangibles. He’s a very physical player with great instincts and good hands.”
Mateo Jackson
In addition to the most recent offers handed down from Liberty and Villanova, many other colleges have taken notice in how hard Mateo Jackson works on and off the field. In fact, Jackson has reeled in 13 offers thus far and he still has his senior year to go! Those schools consist of Navy, Army, Richmond, Elon, Bucknell, Norfolk State, Howard, Cincinnati, Morgan State, Kent State, Air Force, and the latest schools on the board with Liberty and Villanova. Mateo has kept himself busy with visiting other colleges as well that have shown interest in his ability of play.
“I have been to William and Mary, Navy, ODU, Richmond, JMU, and I just visited Elon. Then, I went back to Richmond for a second time this past Spring,” said Jackson. “This upcoming Monday, I will be in Cincinnati to check out more about the school, but I don’t have it planned out as far as any other schools. But I plan on visiting a few more to be able to narrow my decision down.”
Jackson’s confidence level has always been high, but he knows that with a building confidence due to the amount of offers he has received, he continues to remain a humble athlete.
“Well, my confidence was high in my ability, so I knew if I continued to grind and work hard that schools would notice me. It’s a really great feeling, but I try to keep a level head about it.”
As all football players have goals, Mateo has many personal and team goals that he’d like to accomplish his senior year next year, but the ultimate goal is to bring a state championship to Hermitage.
“My biggest goal, personal and team, is to finish out with the state championship trophy coming back to Hermitage. Another big personal goal I have is to break the school record for tackles in a season.”